EXCLUSIVE! How to Use Your Prismacolor Pencils With Digital Stamps

This is a how-to video on how to color a stamped image (I used a digital one from *Wink *Wink Ink) with Prismacolor pencils, shade, then blend with Gamsol mineral spirits to get a smooth, professional look on your cards. If you’re interested in seeing some of my finished cards you can find them here: www.rachaelscreativemoments.blogspot.com Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for watching!
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Craft Projects for Kids : Scrapbooking Organization Ideas

Scrapbooks can be organized by breaking them down into holidays, birthdays, special events and travel, each section housing photos, cards, stickers and memories. Organize a scrapbook with helpful advice from a creative craftswoman in this free video on craft projects. Expert: Coral Stoudt Bio: Coral Stoudt has been a creative force in the arts and crafts world since she could walk. Filmmaker: Nathan Boehme

Jessica Helfand on the story of Francis “Pop” Johnson, whose scrapbook went along with him to Europe and onto Asia, where he charted his many wartime adventures. “Scrapbooks: An American History” by Jessica Helfand is coming in October from Yale University Press. www.amazon.com
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Decoupage scrapbooking paper and family photos on ceramic tiles

This is such a great gift and a very in-expensive gift but a gift that is extremely meaningful and will be a memorable gift for years to come. Items needed: 1 .Mod Podge (Walmart-Yellow and Orange bottle-Matte finish) 2. Foam brushes (Walmart-same aisle as Modge Podge) 3. 5 1/2 inch tile from Lowes or Home Depot (Each tile runs about .70 cents)-get several these are fun to make 4. 4×6 Picture (use an original copy–printed copies from computer will not work) Never use your original or only copy. Make a couple of copies of your 4×6 to have on hand 5. Scrapbook paper of your choice. Mix and match the design of your paper-It adds a better look to your final look. Remember you only need a small amount of scrapbook paper. Your picture will cover up most of the scrapbook paper. The paper is only there for a small affect 6. Paper cutter to cut down scrapbook paper and picture. If you don’t have one just use scissors 7. Wax paper to put your tile on 8. Ribbon if you would like to add to your finished product 9. Glue gun or fabric glue to add to the back of your tile. Bring two pieces around and tie a bow in front. I used wired ribbon. It works the best. 10. Remember once you put Modpodge over your entire tile you will not be able to see ANY of your scrapbook paper or your picture. That is okay. It will dry clear. Do not worry about putting too much. 11. Smooth out all paper as you go lightly with your finger. 12. Have fun…enjoy this project…and…If you have questions please
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