Tips: with Wendy Smedley

Wendy talks about ribbon technique at All My Memories.

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moments scrapbook layout process

This video was shot while making a scrapbook layout for my son’s album. The music in this video belongs to On returning and the song is called Amber eyes. you can listen and download it from here:

Learn about using fine tips markers as part of your scrap booking supplies in this free craft video. Expert: Leslie Moselle Bio: With a double major in Psychology and Criminology, Ms. Leslie Moselle has experience in both the legal and child development field. Ms. Filmmaker: Leslie Moselle

Scrapbooker Tutorial (iPhone app for scrapbooking)

I run you through some of the features of the best scrapbooking app for keeping all of your supplies organized and in one place. I walk through the apps’ features and show how to add a supply, change data, and other features. To get the app either go to the iTunes app store or visit